BlogBastion x HIFI: Building next-generation payments infrastructure, together

Posted on Jun 06, 2024

Bastion x HIFI: Building next-generation payments infrastructure, together

Today, we’re thrilled to welcome HIFI to the Bastion platform and support their incredible work in building the next generation of payments and payouts — at scale, and at the speed of the internet. HIFI is on a mission to help businesses move money in the fastest, safest way possible, with a suite of APIs designed to enhance cash flow, reduce inefficiencies, increase visibility, and combat fraud. With an incredible team and vision behind them, it was a natural fit for Bastion to join forces with HIFI and help accelerate their mission.

Innovative payments products

By teaming up with Bastion, HIFI will now leverage our powerful regulated wallet API for merchants on their platforms, allowing them to embed loyalty programs and points for wallets to easily send to others, and making it seamless to move value for cross-border payments with stablecoins for outside vendors. 

Beyond Bastion’s infrastructure, our regulatory coverage was also a crucial value-add for HIFI. Bastion supports fungibles in a majority of U.S. states by having the right licenses in place, and that opens up huge opportunities for growth with accelerated access to the U.S. market. By choosing Bastion, HIFI was not only choosing a trusted partner, but also opening up the door for more revenue opportunities due to our regulation-first posture. 

At every step of the way, the Bastion team has worked closely with HIFI to ensure they have the support they need, working closely together as collaborators. As their CEO Zach Walsh put it, “We’re thrilled to find a partner like Bastion, with robust products that unlock our innovation, tools that drive time to market, and customer service that’s so good it’s astounding.”

Regulatory compliance coverage and security

Bastion was the right infrastructure provider for HIFI for several reasons. It was important to HIFI to consolidate their solutions as much as possible, so it was a huge plus that Bastion offers everything together in one API — instead of requiring HIFI to source and manage multiple vendors. They also needed a reliable solution to facilitate loyalty programs: With Bastion’s compliance posture and ability to navigate the complexities of Money Transmitter Licenses (MTLs), Bastion synced up perfectly with HIFI’s steadfast commitment to trust and security. 

Taken together, Bastion was an ideal fit for HIFI as it continues to transform the world of payments and invoicing. And this is only the beginning: We can’t wait to share more about what our work together unlocks. 

To keep up with the latest, you can learn more about HIFI and follow them on social.

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